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From Italy to Brazil, how Cor Di Gelato arrived in
San Diego, California


As a child, my father and I would spend time together making homemade gelato with ice, tupperware, and good old fashioned elbow grease. These are some of my fondest memories with family and friends. I was born in Brazil, but my family has Italian roots and just as any good Italian-Brazilian family would, we have always had the passion to craft our food from scratch. This way of cooking was instilled in me since I was very young.

When I first visited Italy I was able to fully realize and appreciate the traditions rooted so deeply in me. After years of being a wife and stay at home mother to my children I had begun to find my purpose and calling and was ready to move on to the next path in my journey.

Later on I returned to Italy and started the Chef Gelatiere training at the Gelato University in Bologna where I was able to learn the art of artisanal gelato in its most traditional form. With the passion planted deep inside as a child and the knowledge of the traditions and techniques of my ancestors, Cor di Gelato is born. 

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When it came time to put a name to this passion of mine it was no question it needed to have a sentimental meaning. With lots of input from family and friends, it became clear that Cor di Gelato was a perfect fit. Cor means heart in Latin. Gelato is my heart’s passion and I want to share my love for it with the world. Cor also means color in my mother tongue of Portuguese and brings to mind not only the rich and beautiful colors of gelato, but the many cultures and people who have helped shape and mold me into who I am today.